immagine WiCloud
The new system
intelligent and invisible,
for window automation.


The window of the future shall combine high performances and security, with a level of design and automation that will make us think more and more about a smart and accessible window.

Master presents “WiCloud – Window Interactive Control”, the registered, smart and invisible device for window automation. It is also embeddable with all modern devices for home automation on the market.


WiCloud: Actuator for motorized vasistas opening or hinged windows with button control. 
Base version of the hidden actuator with registered and universal hooking and releasing mechanism. It enables vastistas openings and hinged openings with button control.

WiCloud RC: Actuator for motorized vastistas opening or hinged windows with remote control.
Remote control version of the retractable actuator, it enables vasistas or hinged openings matching different windows or groups of windows with the same remote control.

WiCloud RC – Lock: Kit made by WiCloud actuator and the mechanic electric lock WiLock.
Kit for perimetral closing made by the chain actuator and the mechanic electric lock WiLock to move closing points.
It can be installed in two ways: with wide and narrow window fixtures the electric lock is placed next to the actuator on the upper beam (vasistas) or bottom beam (hinge).

For higher windows and doors, the electric lock can be placed on the side pillar.

WiCloud A/R: Kit for motorized tilt and turn, operated with a remote control integrated with home automation or other remote controlling tools (sms or timers).
WiCloud A/R has the same performance and security as those of tilt turn Duepuntozero, plus new potential made possible by technology.

The system supports all closing points of the classical A/R, achieving high performances in permeability tests (air, water, wind) for CE marking. It can be opened with remote control or button.



WiCloud and WiLock electric lock must be put in the section of the profile, therefore on doors and windows with reinforced frame or with such tubular profile that can host them (minimum 29 mm). WiCloud can be easily installed without the assistance of an expert in home automation.

The system is universal, as it has a patented lock-unlock mechanism, suitable for wood frames.

All versions have a rapid unlock mechanism that enables emergency openings of doors.

WiLock electric lock (available in Lock and A/R) moves mechanisms along the frame, so to lock and unlock its closing points.

The mechanism can be programmed for cycles of opening and closing, so that the room is always fresh.  

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