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Building and design worlds both strongly believe that accessories have a key role in the performances of doors and windows.

Since 1986, Master Group has been designing accessories and components for doors and windows in aluminium, with a process made of research, investments, study of the aluminium’s world, and through a deep attention to the quality of the materials, the research of technologies able to allow production of goods made for high performances, and to find new market’s needs, and to customers’ satisfaction and constant care.

Present in more than 58 countries worldwide, Master is nowadays a global brand, focused on: development of new international markets, attention to safety and quality of products, continuous improvement, and waste reduction according to lean manufacturing’s principles, implementation of the new model for industrial automation INDUSTRY 4.0, with particular attention to maintaining human capital central in all strategic and productive operations.

We look ahead, since 1986

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Master Group makes 97% of its own production’s added value in house, covering all phases previous to product selling: from the analysis of market’s needs to design, prototyping and production of the goods.

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Our values, our company DNA

Loyalty, honesty, sense of belonging, passion and responsible behavior towards all stakeholders: that’s what has been guiding Master Group’s growth since 1986, building its reputation and getting trust by Customers. The care of Group’s Values has been for a long time taken by intangible transmission through everyday practice, and it is now “mainstream” and established and entrenched in an ethical code and value system shared by everybody in the company.

The company is made by people all different from one another, and these differences are the added value that gives the whole group a benefit. That’s why everyone’s talent has to be appreciated and encouraged, so that the goal of all the company is achieved.

Collaboration, passion and enthusiasm are the driving force behind our work. Thanks to collaboration and enthusiasm the most innovative ideas are born. As part of a team you can reach goals that you could never achieve alone. It’s passion that guides us, let’s communicate it!

The aim of business doesn’t have to be just to make profit, but also the existence of the company itself as a community of men and women that, in different ways, pursue the same goals. Every person involved in business has a moral responsibility.
Attention to the present for a future sustainability.

It takes courage to be ahead of times. We don’t have to be afraid of change. Innovation is looking with different eyes at a reality that everyone else believe to be always the same. Constant improvement is a process built step by step with medium to long term effects; a process which produces progressive and continuous changes.

Organizations exists because there are customers that have needs, and their success depends on the ability to satisfy those needs. Customer satisfaction, in turn, depends on the quality of the products/services provided.

"Leading companies are judged not only for the inherent quality of products and services they provide, but also for their sense of responsibility and the relationship they show to have with their surroundings and environment. The commitment we show today is aimed most of all to move us in this direction".
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Beginning to analyze the production sector and reducing the environmental impact of products in the field of accessories for doors and windows. This is the direction that the Gruppo Master has taken to establish itself as a virtuous model of circular economy, as it reveals the recognition of environmental impacts as a need, to testify its commitment to sustainable long – term business development. Measuring consumptions and impacts, that enables to act and constantly improve one’s products and processes, is therefore taking responsibility towards all stakeholders, not only technologically speaking, but also from an environmental point of view.

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    60% Reduction in lighting
    consumption (around 80 MWh / year)
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    100% Process water reuse
    cleaned with a zero exhaust system
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    Adoption of
    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

We innovate and we improve
every day doors and windows
of the future


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