We opened our offices and plant in full compliance with all prevention and safety restrictions.
To guarantee the compliance with all prevention and safety measures for people, we issued a Safety Protocol to respect the safety of internal (employees) and external (customers, suppliers and consultants) people, underlying that one of the primary goals of this company has always been the health and safety of people.

Pills of our Protocol  





Today we are learning a new meaning of the word “distance” which is no longer referred to a physical space but to a personal condition: social distancing.

We daily experience the impossibility of physical contact, especially with the people we care about the most.

Maybe we thought distances were cancelled thanks to the progress of the digital world, but we are appreciating the value of a hug, a pat on the shoulder or a simple handshake.

However, there is a paradox: the pandemic forces us to stay APART, but we are all in this TOGETHER.

Whatever role we have and wherever we are, it’s time to show our sense of belonging to our community, because each one of us with our own actions makes one responsible for the fate of the others.


TOGETHER APART, go through this stronger than ever.

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