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MasterLAB is Master’s Research and Development Center with a testing laboratory, and it is the core of the research in Master, who has been engaged since 2008 in innovation, changes in law about doors and windows and the much faster changes of the market.

MasterLAB is equipped with the most modern software and experimental tools, and methods, in order to perform research, study, design, experiments, and assistance.



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Uncertified pre test for ITT examination

Air Permeability Test, water and wind resistance on a hardware (rif.EN14351-1 + A1, AAMA-101)

ITT Certification for windows and doors

Air Permeability Test, water and wind resistance on a hardware (rif.EN14351-1 + A1, AAMA-101)

CYCLIC tests on the accessories

Cyclic tests on windows and doors accessories in accordance with 13126-1/19 standards

CYCLIC tests on single-axle hinges

Determination of product string for single-axle hinges, in accordance with EN1935 standard

Determination of opening and closing resistance on windows and doors

Cyclic test in accordance with EN1191

Additional stress tests on accessories

Stress tests and distortion tests in accordance with 13126-1/19

Thermal Certification for Nodes and Hardwares - rif. EN10077-1/2

- Validation of the calculation for thermal transmittance of nodes and hardwares (Uf)
- Calculation of thermal transmittance of complete doors and windows (Uw)
- Release of the test report (regardless of the number of nodes)

Report of extensibility of the results of ITT - DIP tests

Declaration of functional equivalence on the interchangeability of the accessories

Determination of corrosion resistance

Neutral salt mist chamber tests in accordance with EN1670

FEM verifications on mechanically stressed components

Calculation of the stress level through the analysis of finished parts

Tractive and compressive tests

Determination of the stress-strain curve

Dimensional measurements and characterisation of materials

Extruded profiles scanning, with automatic measurement of the percentage and control of tolerances. Microhardness tests on aluminium alloys.
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Performance and testing in the service of
doors and windows

Testing and developing activities:

  • Pre measurement of products’ performances, with air permeability tests, water resistance, wind resistance, in accordance with laws (rif.EN14351-1 + A1, AAMA-101)
  • Validation of hardware’s mechanical resistance
  • Technical Transmittance certification
  • Cascading certifications release
  • Extensibility of the results certifications release, in functional equivalence (DPE – Declaration of Product Eligibility)
  • Cyclical certification in accordance with 13126-1/19 laws
  • Burglar-proof certification in accordance with EN1627 laws
  • Corrosion resistance certification
  • Material mechanical characterisation
  • Product certification in “witness testing”, with the release of ITT (Initial Test Type) for windows and doors producers, in order to measure energetic performance and security levels for CE marking (this activity is performed in collaboration with national and international certification autorithies)
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Technical assistance

Your pre and post sale consultancy service

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+39 366 2488323

Assistance and consultancy:

  • Product technical assistance
  • New systems development assistance
  • Compatibility studies on existing systems
  • Product configurations development, dedicated and non standard

Technical office

We develop innovative, simple and performative solutions for aluminium doors and windows, taking care of the whole life cycle of product development: from its design to industrialization.

Research, study, design:

  • New products design and improvement of those already existing
  • Prototyping and industrialization of the finished product with conceptual tridimensional developing methods, numerical check of finished parts, and experimental validation of the concept in the lab