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Our manufacturing process
is extremely diversified:
we make 97% of the added
value of manufacturing
in house


Master Group has been engaged for over 30 years in the manufacture of top-quality accessories, resulting from company’s constant focus on innovation aimed at satisfying its customer’s expectations.


The selection of Suppliers by MASTER is a crucial step in achieving this objective.

Our manufacturing process is extremely diversified: we make 97% of the added value of manufacturing in house and look for reliable suppliers who are dynamic and able to ensure operational excellence and delivering innovation to build an integrated supply chain.

At the same time, our suppliers must respect the Group’s values concerning the respect for environment, fundamental rights of employees and business ethics.

The main categories of supply are:

    • Raw Materials

    Aluminium ingots, zamak ingots, Plastics and compound (ABS, PA,…), aluminium profiles, stainless steel and carbon steel coils,Powder coatings

    • Semi-finished products 

    Sheet metal forming, screws, small turned parts, cold formed parts, standard and custom socket set screws, electric actuators, accessories

    • Packaging 

    Cardboard packaging, labels and leaflets, pallets, other packaging material

    • Subcontracting 

    Assembly, galvanic treatments, heat treatments, painting, electronic assembly

    • Equipment and tools

    Progressive moulds, moulds for die casting of aluminium and zamak, plastic moulds, mould steels, accessories

    • Goods and Services 

    Information Technology (Hardware and software), Production machinery, Miscellaneous consumables, Communication, Training, Facility management, Energy, Industrial waste, Logistics and Transport/Travel agencies

You can check the complete list of the Product Categories



Information regarding provisions for the protection of individuals and other subjects in relation to the processing of personal data, in accordance with the information pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation no. 2016/679 for professional appointments and suppliers, are available and accessible by clicking the button below.


The inclusion in the supplier register is done by  the Purchasing Office that determines the opportunity or need to include new suppliers and formalizes such operation by asking the supplier to fill out a self-assessment questionnaire that is further used to examine the suitability for supply. At this stage, economic-financial elements, technical and human resources, legal aspects and specific experience are evaluated.

The questionnaire must be specific for the product categories that the supplier has applied for.



If the evaluation of this first stage is successful, the supplier must adhere to the Master Group’s Code of Ethics and also sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

During the supply relationship, Master Group carries out regular performance assessments, using information collected from various persons of its organization, and performs visit and audits at supplier premises.

For any further information and to submit the self-assessment questionnaire, please send an email to the Purchasing Office.




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