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Master is a young company
with a dynamic and resourceful DNA.

Passion, sense of belonging, determination, curiosity, team spirit, proactivity, willing to change are only some of our features.
Working in Master means taking part in a project of a challenging constant growth.
We strongly believe in the worth and contribution of everyone.
We are careful to give each person his and her worth, because we believe that motivation and patterns for growth allow everyone to express their full potential.

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Our people

Our people's satisfaction is important.

We periodically evaluate the satisfaction of our employees, and we pur all our effort in creating a stimulating and happy environment, so that everyone can express his and her potential.

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    "Working at Master means putting yourself on the line every day to establish a trusting relationship with customers and solid, lasting partnerships. Taking care of their needs, putting their concerns at centre stage, supporting them in resolving issues and ensuring full satisfaction presents a challenging opportunity for each individual's personal and professional growth."

    Anita Festino - Customer Service Representative
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    "In a working team, respect and appreciation are fundamental for the achievement of shared goals. At Master, we work hard every day to turn these into concrete actions. We facilitate a calm, positive atmosphere and wellbeing in the workplace, because we believe a happy team is a more productive team."

    Pierangelo Malena - Group Area Leader
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    "In a forward-looking company, our task is to constantly improve in order to foment innovation and change in both processes and day-to-day practice. Our ongoing focus on education and training allows us to improve our technical skills and knowledge. State-of-the-art technologies and IT systems provide the ideal milieu for anyone keen on innovation."

    Nicola Zippari - ICT Manager
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    "At Master, teamwork is central to our corporate culture, because it's the key to our success. We feel a deep sense of responsibility towards people and the environment, and we're proud to adopt a sustainable development model. What makes us outstanding is the passion that inspires and motivates us to overcome every challenge with principles and determination."

    Benny Aquilino - Group Leader
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    "Working at Master means facing everyday challenges together, like a family. This requires a dynamic, proactive approach which always seeks innovative, flexible solutions. Collaboration and comparison are therefore essential values at Master, because they make a significant contribution to personal and professional development."

    Giuseppe Giorgio - Tool Shop Coordinator

icona lampadina Our values

Our values guide us every day and become behaviours and actions aimed to make them stronger and more vivid in all of us.

A Value Plan, proposed by a team, includes all activities and projects planned for the whole year and that involve everybody.

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Activities for people's

We promote a balance between private life and work life because we believe that they help each other in a virtuous circle.

We want to work while having fun, that's why we plan moments for sharing our lives out of office, to get to know each other better, to share our hobbies and interests, and to play sports and have fun.


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