Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

pursuant to art. 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679


Dear Customer and Supplier

In accordance with art. 13 of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation, from now on “Regulation”) and of D.lgs. 196/2003 as modified by D.lgs. 101/2018, we inform you that you personal information, given by you or acquired during your registration, shall be processed according to current regulations and principles of lawfulness, transparency and protection of privacy, as written in art.6 of the Regulation.

1  Data controller

The Data Controller (from now on “Controller”), pursuing art.4 and art.26 of Regulation, is Master s.r.l., with registered office in SP 37 Conversano-Castiglione km 0,570 – 70014 Conversano (Bari) – Italy C.P. 112 (from now on “Master Italy”), which – under its prerogatives – can take advantages of the collaboration  of Data Processors or authorized people, explicitly appointed, pursuant to art.2 -quaterdecies of D.Lgs. 196/2003.

2   Purpose of processing

Data given to the Controller, and not belonging to special categories pursuant to art.9 of the Regulation, shall be processed by Master Italy for the following purposes:

2.a) administrative and accounting procedures related to Master Italy’s economic activity, that is pre-contract procedures, for example, offers, orders processing, etc., compliance with a legal, community, or contractual obligation, risk check (in particular feuds, insolvency, reliability, etc.), claims management, electronic payment tools management, warehouse management and transport via external courier management;

Regarding 3.a) of the present policy, the possible denial of the owner to provide his/her personal data, makes it impossible to establish any contractual relationship.

2.b) profiling: via its website, information collected via cookies and other tracking technologies on the website and on its app, Master Italy collects information about you preferences, habits, lifestyle, information about your interaction with Master Italy, and the detail of you purchases in order to use them to create group and single profiles (so called “profiling”) and the dispatch of custom communications and offers for products and/or services.

2.c) operational and strategic marketing: keeping you updated by sending you promotional material – custom, also – via periodical newsletters (technical communications, commercial and promotional communications about Master’s activities and events, training updates, etc.), via market research, retargeting, telemarketing, web marketing, etc. made by the Controller in its own interest and in the interest of companies related to Master and/or in the interest of third companies but also directly via companies in charge of data processing, on services offers and initiatives by Master Italy, or to let you take part to market research in order to know more about your preferences and improve our offer;

2.d) Sharing our partners’ promotions: share your data with our business partners that will get in touch with you to let you know about their offers, promotions, updates about products and services.

2.e) Customer’s satisfaction measurement: analysis of your level of satisfaction in order to improve our products/services.

3   Collection of your Personal Data

Data can be provided by you at the moment of your registration after filling the form on this page and/or in stores via paper and/or electronic forms, acquired during visits to our dealers and sellers, or during events and fairs which Master Group takes part or organises or which are organised by members of Master Italy’s selling network or its business Partners, or provided during your interaction with Master Italy’s websites, desktop and mobile applications.

4   Legal basis for data processing

In accordance with art. 6, par.1, lett.b of the Regulation, the legal basis for processing as explained in 3.a) is the fulfillment of the contractual relationship established after filling the online form and/or paper documents.

The legal basis for data processing as stated in point 3.b), 3.c), 3.d), 3.e), is the consent you freely provide in compliance with art.6, par.1, lett.a of the Regulation. Your consent is always revocable, writing to

We clarify that, in case you withdraw your consent, you will no longer receive any communication, via any media. If you wish, you can withdraw your consent only for communication received via electronic media (e.g. email, sms, instant messaging), continuing to receive technical and/or commercial communications only via mail or telephone with our operators, where possible.

Moreover, we clarify that providing your personal data for the purpose of sending a newsletter is optional, and a possible denial shall not have consequences on the chance of buying Master group’s products or of receiving information, materials and services required, including post selling services.

5        Ways of processing

Data will be processed by staff and collaborators of Master Italy or companies expressely named as Responsible for data processing (for example for profiling), with the support of computers, telematic, or paper-based tools, according to logics aimed to the goals above mentioned and in any case with procedures and measures that protect security and privacy.

6        Time of data conservation

Your personal data are saved by Master Italy for as long as it is required to achieve the goal for which they are collected and to fulfill all the relevant legal obligations.

Your data shall be processed for all the duration of your registration, for as long as it shall be working and/or for as long as it will be necessary to achieve the goal for which they are collected, and to fulfill all the relevant legal obligations. Data about the details of your purchases shall be processed for profiling and marketing for no longer than, respectively, 12 or 24 months after registration of data themselves. Data useful to contracts shall be saved for administrative and accounting reasons for ten years after the contract is closed. Data saved for longer are authorized by the law and in case of rights defense in court. 

7   Sharing and exchanging personal data

Pursuant to goal written in point 3, and without prejudice to possible communication to third parts according to the law, data can be transferred by us to Countries belonging to European Community, to the following subjects:

  • companies related to our Group;
  • our staff, properly instructed and informed;
  • our sales network;
  • our “Customer Service”;
  • banks and credit institutions;
  • consultants and professionals (website management, web archives, etc.)
  • auditors;
  • companies and people providing CED services and their maintenance;
  • companies providing profiling services (i.e., nominated for Controller;
  • shippers, vectors, couriers:
  • courts, under investigations or other subjects that law enables to access data;
  • companies, institutions and/or people that workwith tasks supporting ours, or necessary and/or functional to carry out contracts or services required.

In case data have to be transferred out of EU or to international organizations, the Controller must inform the owner whether there is a decision of inadequacy by the EU Commission, that is if the Commission decided that the third country, or parts of it, or the international organization itself guarantee a sufficient level of protection. In that case, transfer does not need specific authorizations. If not, the Controller must specify appropriate guarantees and means to get a copy of data or the place where they are available.

8        Rights of the owners

Via communication to be sent to the email address, or writing to our company, the owner has the right, in every moment, to withdraw the rights written in art.15 and following of the Regulation.

It is without prejudice that the owner has the right to withdraw anytime consent to any possible data processing he might have authorized, and to object to his data processing, particularly for marketing purposes or analysis of your preferences.

If the owner wishes, he can also withdraw consent only for communications via computer (e.g. emails, sms, instant messaging), continuing to receive informative and technical communications via mail or phone calls, where possible.

Those considering their data processing via this service violates the Regulation have the right to complaint to the Guarantor, pursuant to art. 77 of the Regulation, or to apply to the appropriate courts (art. 79 of the Regulation).

9  DPO Contact Data

The Data Protection Officer, designated by the Master Group  (art. 37 par. 2 ), can be contacted at this e-mail address

9  Exercise of rights

You can use the above mentioned contacts to have an updated list of our Responsibles for data processing, of the subjects to which data are sent, and to exercise the rights written in art.15 to art. 22 of the Regulation. The owner will make his request to the attention, in one of the following ways:

  • Via email:
  • Via telefax to this number: +39.080.4959030
  • Via registered letter to the following address:
    • SP 37 Conversano-Castiglione Km 0,700 – 70014 Conversano (Bari) – Italy

10  Cancellation of the newsletter service

If you don’t want to receive the newsletter, please write an email to writing “Cancel newsletter subscription” in the object.


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