MASTERShield: antibacterial treatment

immagine MASTERShield: antibacterial treatment

MASTERShield: antibacterial treatment


The importance of hand hygiene, ISS guidelines.

Hands are a receptacle for germs; a small percentage is represented by non-pathogenic microorganisms, which are normally present on the skin without causing any harm. However, viruses and bacteria that circulate in the air or with which we come into contact by touching different surfaces can be added to these microorganisms.

Today, more than ever before, this is a matter of responsibility


Master Group is a leader in manufacturing and marketing of accessories for windows and doors. Therefore, for our lines of handles, window handles and cremone bolts, we have implemented a solution that provides active protection precisely where it is most demanded, i.e. on the surfaces that come into contact with our hands frequently.

The MASTERShield treatment immediately mitigates microbial proliferation and is particularly suitable in hospitals, schools, industrial complexes or recreational facilities, i.e. all places that are usually crowded. Microorganisms are present everywhere, and many times they are a serious problem for the construction and maintenance of some infrastructures, especially those intended for public use and/or healthcare. The MASTERShield treatment actively contributes to the maintenance of hygiene standards thanks to its antimicrobial action. The products treated with MASTERShield do not require special maintenance and
are suitable for frequent and prolonged use.



How does it work?

A visually clean surface does not guarantee a corresponding quality from a chemical and microbiological viewpoint. Moreover, the effectiveness of cleaning decreases over time, and this is why further protection is needed. Surfaces in general are subject to the creation of a biofilm (viscous structure of organic origin consisting of other bacteria, natural salts, algae) able to offer protection against microorganisms. Microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, mycetes and viruses, contribute to surface deterioration.

The MASTERShield® treatment uses a particular technology for the production of powder paint that gives coatings superior resistance to microorganism proliferation.

Specifically, this technology offers active protection based on the emission of silver ions, which thanks to the oxidation process, guarantee a constant antibacterial effect over time, preventing microorganisms from growing and multiplying.

The MasterShield treatment features other benefits such as:
• increased substrate protection (aluminium, zamak, steel,etc.)
• Improved aesthetic impact of the finish (color, shine, structure, etc.)



The lab tests

According to tests performed at the Monza Analysis Center, one year after application, the treatment has the same properties as the first day, and protection is not affected by cleaning or use of interfering substances.

Surfaces treated with  MASTERShield®:

  • They keep the level of germs on the surface of the coating applied very low.
  •  They ensure excellent hygiene.
  •  They easily withstand normal current hygienic cleaning processes.



Corrosion resistance parameters by type of finish


MASTERShield® treatment applied to the various finishes significantly improves their corrosion resistance, thanks to the increase in substrate protection, bringing the resistance parameters up to CLASS 4 on all colors.










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