Leading companies are judged not only for the inherent quality of products and services they provide, but also for their sense of responsibility and the relationship they show to have with their surroundings and environment. The commitment Master shows today is aimed most of all to move us in this direction. The company designs accessories for doors and windows with the awareness of all issues about energy saving, sustainability and durability that can be implemented in the final product. For this purpose Master’s Ween products are certified by Green Building Council, an international reference point for the certification of buildings’ sustainability in order to obtain LEED credits.

Moreover, the company signed a voluntary agreement with the Ministry of the Environment aimed to evaluate impact on climate, along the lifecycle of the most representative products we make, to calculate their “carbon footprint”, that is the total amount of greenhouse gas emitted, aiming to reduce it through planned action in the medium to long term.

Meanwhile, the Goup also thought about a sustainable growht, conferming its care for the environment, integrating principles of enviroment management in the development of products and in process management, promoting every action aimed to manage and improve environmental impacts. That’s why it consolidated the environment management system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001, international voluntary code, applicable to all kinds of enterprises, and which constantly engages the company in the evaluation, management and improvement of the environmental issues about their production processes.




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