COMFORT PLUS, the new line of cremone bolts

COMFORT PLUS, the new line of cremone bolts

In February 2015, Master presented COMFORT PLUS, the new line of cremone bolt with a patented quick locking system, which can be opened both externally and internally.The strong point of the product lies in its extreme ease of installation. In fact, to install COMFORT PLUS, only one slot can be done on the front of the profile, to which the lever handle hooks on, thanks to a patented interlocking system consisting of two small plates. In order to complete the assembling, it is basically necessary to tighten the screws, which can be easily accessed by turning the swivel casing. The new line can be installed on swing systems that open internally, but were mainly designed for systems that open externally, since the height of the cremone bolt was reduced to only 55 mm, in order to apply it to almost all existing profiles on the market. Moreover, COMFORT PLUS can be combined with different types of racks that are adjustable in depth (from 12.5 mm up to 65 mm), equipped with a numeric reference so that entry depth can be calibrated with precision, depending on the thickness of the profile.The product is also available in its version with key, equipped with a 200 key combination cylinder and a strong locking mechanism, in order to ensure a higher level of security against burglary.

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