Master improves the performance of the casement

Master improves the performance of the casement

In order to maintain a correct alignment between the profiles and to improve the performance of sash frame windows in terms of air impermeability, water and wind resistance, MasterLAB designers created HOOK, the additional closing intermediate adjustable point for the hinge side, suitable for the most used types of profiles (fig. 1 and fig. 2). The accessory consists of a striker with adjustable slide (fig.3), to be fixed to the frame with two setscrews and of a fixed striker (fig. 4) to be installed on the sash by a central setscrew. The pressure control (+/- 2,5 mm), that you can do using a simple screwdriver on the striker fixed to the frame (fig. 5), ensures always a correct alignment between profiles, also on very high doors and windows, contributing to a proper functioning. The additional intermediate adjustable closing point can be also applied on already installed windows thanks to its fast fixing system and it offers an aesthetic advantage of a closing point practically invisible (fig. 6) that allows, in many cases, to avoid the use of a third central hinge. HOOK has also an anti-lift system: two side reinforcements, obtained by the striker fixed to the sash, avoid it from falling out (with the sash closed) contributing to improve the burglar resistance (fig. 7). Totally made of zamak with stainless steel screws and setscrews, Master additional intermediate adjustable closing point has passed all the tests according the norms EN 13126 – 1.

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