Master presents the new kit for limiting casement opening.

Master presents the new kit for limiting casement opening.

MasterLAB designers are constantly looking for product innovations that can expand the available solutions to meet the needs of the market. Among the new products in this first part of 2017 year there is the innovative kit for limiting casement opening, which limit the opening (max 120 mm) or permits a microventilation. The use of this type of accessory is ideal when installing very narrow width fixtures, for which WEEN T&T system with a minimum width of 370 mm would not be usable.The new kit is compatible with all Euro Groove hinges and with all TBT cremone bolts with key (Art.6036.X), allowing closure with handle position at 0°, microventilation at 45° (matching the special part 3520.39), ventilation at 90° and opening at 180°.Practical, cheap, versatile, the new kit has the great advantage of being installed on already installed fixtures, which is very useful when you want to equip a window with a safe and efficient ventilation system.

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