Master receives gender equality certification

Master receives gender equality certification

The Conversano Master company is among the first in its sector to receive the prestigious RINA recognition for measures taken to close the gender gap and create an increasingly inclusive and fair working environment that facilitates the inclusion of women in the metalworking sector.  


The Master Group, leader in design and marketing of high-tech accessories for aluminium doors and windows, is one of the first companies in the sector to achieve the certification for gender equality.  

The recognition, issued by the certification body RINA in accordance with UNI/PdR125:2022, the only standard in Italy for gender equality, acknowledges the company’s commitment to an open corporate culture and an inclusive working environment.  

In fact, the Master Group has demonstrated that it has created a gender-equality management system geared to continuous improvement through the implementation of policies, actions and processes that guarantee equal career opportunities, equal pay and work-life balance, as well as a working environment that rejects gender stereotypes, discrimination of all kinds and any form of physical, verbal and digital abuse, fostering female empowerment and the dissemination at every level of a culture of diversity and inclusion through appropriate training, communication and awareness-raising activities. 

To evaluate the promotion and dissemination of gender equality, the certifying body takes six criteria into account: culture and strategy, governance, HR processes, opportunities for women’s development and inclusion, gender pay equality, protection of parenthood and work-life balance. 

Master, listed in 2022 as a “Great Place To Work“, is committed to ensuring a better work-life balance by offering employees the option of working remotely and flexibility in working hours. In particular, the company supports the return of workers following maternity leave with “Close to Mum“, a dedicated programme that offers new mothers a financial bonus and greater flexibility. Finally, Master looks to the future with its commitment to youth training schemes that offer deserving young people the opportunity to shape their careers according to their aspirations and the organisational needs of the company. 

Obtaining this certification is a source of pride and satisfaction for us, but it’s also a responsibility and a commitment to carry out constant and meaningful improvement in terms of gender equality and equal opportunities”, said Annacarla Loperfido, HR and Organisation Director of Master Group. “It’s the beginning of a journey that will make every woman and man in the Master Group increasingly proud to be part of it”. 

Master is already setting increasingly challenging goals for the future: it envisages greater collaboration with local schools in the area of careers guidance, and a strengthening of partnerships with universities, polytechnics and technical colleges in order to raise women’s awareness of the possibility of holding certain positions commonly associated with men, due to cultural heritage and gender-related stereotypes. The company also continues to contribute to the development of digital skills and women’s empowerment through its collaboration with local associations involved in these areas. 

The gender equality certification is part of a virtuous path undertaken by Master Group in the area of sustainability and ethical and social responsibility, culminating in the drafting in 2023 of its first Sustainability Report: a document that combines, in a single report, specifically economic and financial aspects with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) objectives, activities, results and impacts, along with a commitment to guarantee its employees dignity, equality and prosperous lives, to spread culture, and to protect the planet’s natural resources and climate for future generations in order to contribute to sustainable development, both economic and social.  


One of our main aspirations – adds Michele Loperfido, CEO of Master – is to structure a sustainable development model increasingly capable of distributing the generated value, with a special focus on the well-being of people, environmental sustainability, and the prosperity of our territory. We believe that leading companies should not only be judged for the quality of the products offered but also for their sense of responsibility and relationships with the local community and the environment.” 



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