Master SP160: the new accessories for sliding unit

Master SP160: the new accessories for sliding unit

SP160 : this is named the new range of accessories for sliding units system. SP160 is suitable for big windows, and it has the maximum performance as regards the comfort in opening and safety closing. It is suitable both for the transom opening and the sliding opening, thanks to the movable sash that slides in parallel to the fixed sash. In this way, it is possible to realize broad openings, as well as to move also large-sized parts easily; the finest design of sliding system results practical and performing like the casement closing system.

You can consider SP160 as a top- rated system: it supports up to 160kgs, and permits up to 1600 mm length, and 2400 mm height in openings; moreover it offers a good thermal insulation, thanks to the 117 mm thickness of the sash coming out from the frame (also suitable for larger profiles). The Technical Director of Master LAB, Eng. Lorenzo Lafronza says: “SP160 is a high-customized project, since the market becomes more and more ambitious in terms of taste/appearance/ aesthetics/ and performance”. “This new system associates the functioning and the design of sliding system to the high performance of the classical casement window.

The several possibilities to combine rollers, sliding units, plugs, supports, permits toreach loads from 100 up to 160 kgs. The opening and closing mechanism of SP160 is simple and self-explanative; it fits with the design of LINEA ITALIA handles and with the extremely small-sized carter of the rollers”. SP160 is realized in two versions: manual and semi-automatic movimentation, and it works both with Euro Groove profiles and R-systems.

Download the brochure\public\pdf\SP160_ScorrevoleParallelo_2017_02.pdf

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