“Masterfarm” is the orchard that promotes healthy, good and sustainable

“Masterfarm” is the orchard that promotes healthy, good and sustainable food, born from Master’s partnership with Biorfarm

Embrace sustainability as a lifestyle choice, as a commitment to the environment and to people. This has always been the philosophy guiding Master’s actions, and is reflected in the company’s manifesto-program “Masterability”, which promotes responsible behaviour towards the territory and its inhabitants. This new collaboration of Master with Biorfarm led to the establishment of the first virtual farming community that reconnects cities to the countryside, restoring value to the work of farmers and the products of the land.

Biorfarm supports small Italian farmers by guaranteeing them a minimum purchase price for fruit that is higher than the market price.

It supports Italian farms in case of difficulties due to climate and weather changes. It contributes to the environment because each tree absorbs a variable amount of CO2 depending on the type of fruit, calculated with the support of its partner Lifegate.


Thanks to the collaboration with Biorfarm and the creation of “Masterfarm”, the virtual orchard dedicated to Master (info: MASTERFARM), the Masterability project is enriched by a further concrete activity towards the territory and the surrounding communities.


“With Masterfarm, explains Annacarla Loperfido, Head of Organisational Development at Master, “we will support 5 small Italian farmers, we will balance the CO2 emitted into the environment and provide healthy snacks for our employees”.


Each employee will have the opportunity to consume seasonal fruit by tasting the delights of the orchard each month at one of the 4 collection points identified within the firm.


“In addition to offering a healthy and natural product to our more than 300 employees, concludes Annacarla Loperfido, we will be supporting local farming communities and balancing CO2 emissions. For a better, healthier and more sustainable future, with Biorfarm”.


Visit the digital orchard page: MASTERFARM

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