SLIM RAPID: la cerniera per porte con piastrina ad infilare di Master Italy

10 years of success for SLIM RAPID: the door hinge with slip-on plate, now with CE marking.

To satisfy the ever-evolving taste of its customers and to enhance the performance of its products, Master Italy is committed to constantly improve all its programs of accessories for window and door frames. A key Master Italy product range is the door hinges line, with its top product SLIM RAPID that, thanks to its minimalist, slim design and small size, has become one of the most popular products on the market.

The key element of the system is the nylon self-lubricating bushing, which allows the hinge to move smoothly thanks to a special acetal resin that minimizes friction during rotation. Quick and easy to install, SLIM RAPID does not require machining of the profile because it can be fastened by means of snap-on plates. The plate made of extruded aluminium ensures even distribution of hinge’s weight onto the walls of the groove, resulting in greater stability and high resistance to accidental stresses such as the impact against the cremone bolt. Moreover, the finish is not damaged during tightening hence the creation of areas that could be easily affected by corrosion is avoided. 

The design and the materials used ensure a maximum capacity up to 160 kg in the 3-flap version with Eurogroove,resulting in utmost stability of the frame even in the presence of door locks.

SLIM RAPID is also an extremely versatile product.You can install it on any profile with grooves for hardware: Eurogroove 18 mm, erre groove 40, 3^ sach erre 40, new NC 40 and  similar, Metra groove, Eurogroove 14.5 mm. Slim Rapid bears the CE marking that is mandatory on doors installed on escape route pursuant to CPR 305/2011 and EN-1935 under certification standards 1.

Easy and quick adjustment on three axes: height +3 mm using the adjustment block art. 8060.20 and the special nylon washers that must be inserted with the hardware installed, micrometric adjustment that can be done with open leaf, gap +1/-1 mm and +0.5 mm coplanarity micrometric adjustments can be done with the leaf closed, using a simple hex key. Finally, the hinge is available in a wide range of colours and special finishes. All this makes SLIM RAPID a product designed with top technology, able to convey what a door hinge needs to be today.

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