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Master Italy introduces KARMA, the complete line of cremone bolts, handles, twin handles and grab bars for design lift&slide systems

For Master Italy, the handles of the future have curved lines that harmoniously blend into the space and the scenario of use, maintaining a style that coveys, every now and then, the very energy of the latter.

KARMA is the new complete line of design cremone bolts, handles, offset handles, twin handles, and grab bars, specifically created to satisfy all requirements of the continuously evolving market of door and window hardware.

The true strength of KARMA lies in the fact that it offers a comprehensive range of technical solutions that beautifully integrate the original design features.

Actually, the new line has been developed within the MasterLab research and development centre, with the aim to offer an all-round solution that covers all design scenarios in which different types of opening systems are used within the same building and that, therefore, require the use of handles with the same design.




Minimal design solutions are now enhanced by the new handles of the offset handle line. In fact, Master integrated into KARMA line all the minimal solutions of handles and twin handles that have already been developed for the Italia Line. Therefore, versions without washer (direct coupling onto the profile), universal versions with reduced body and those with 43mm centre distance will be available.

The handles of Karma line are available in all versions, with standard body and 100 mm body, and also the reduced handle, ideal for applications with limited manoeuvring space. From a technical point of view, the compact size of the handle body, with a width of only 24 mm, makes them suitable even for reduced and design aluminium profiles. The installation of the handles is also simplified thanks to the special centring bushings integrated into the body that act as stabilizers, preventing the body from rotating during fastening.

KARMA cremone bolts are available with both standard opening and logic opening system, ideal for public buildings. KARMA logic cremone bolt with key is ambidextrous, thus it allows managing the stock using a single code for both left-handed and right-handed opening systems.

In addition to all the versions with pull handle and twin handle (square 7 and square 10), Master Italy has integrated into lift&slide grab bar line a new solution with cylinder cover built into the body, which simplifies installation and facilitates further works on the profiles.

All models are available with key, guaranteeing a high level of security and resistance to break-in attempts, with a breakaway torque greater than 50Nm.

KARMA can be ordered in all finishes, including special ones such as MasterShield®, the antibacterial surface treatment based on silver ion emission technology that gives the handle coating greater resistance to the proliferation of microorganisms.

With KARMA line, Master Italy has truly enriched the world of aluminium door and window hardware with the most complete range of design cremone bolts, handles, twin handles and grab bars.


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