APRO is here the Windows Automation System by Master, for

APRO is here the Windows Automation System by Master, for automation of the windows of the future

The topic of window automation systems is certainly the most critical in an industry where home automation is now the central asset in the development strategies of every manufacturer.  

To respond to these trends, Master created APRO, its Windows Automation System that enables remote management of the opening of windows and door-sized windows in a building, to allow natural ventilation of rooms and ensure maximum living comfort, while meeting high security standards. 


APRO is designed to respond to the need to make the openings of residential, commercial and industrial buildings automatic and intelligent, enhancing the design of these architectures with completely invisible automations or design elements that blend in perfectly with the building, thanks to a range of accessories that can transform any window or door into an integrated Home Automation element. 

The range consists of overlaid or built-in actuators with very small dimensions to combine movement efficiency and design, and is complemented by locking systems and control devices via gateways interfaced with a dedicated application. 


With the APRO series gateways and the native APRO APP or integrations with popular building automation devices, you can manage access, create profiles with different permissions, and have control of all APRO devices directly on your device.  

The program was also designed to achieve the goal of maximum security of a building’s window locking system. By connecting the devices to APRO APP or to your own home automation control unit, any anomalies and malfunctions will be reported. All actuators in the range are equipped with High Speed Function that allows that to be used as NSHEV devices in combination with a smoke and heat evacuation system (EFC ) according to EN 12101-2. 


With APRO, the Master group focuses on safety but also on living comfort, as the system is programmed to ensure air exchange through natural ventilation. Automatic opening-closing routines for windows and doors can be provided to improve air health and maintain a constant temperature.  

For more than 10 years, our company has believed in window automation as a natural development of the window of the future,” are the words of Eng. Lorenzo Lafronza, Master’s Chief Technical Officer. “It was back in 2010 when we launched the concealed WiCloud system on the market, a motorised opening actuator with bottom hung or top hung movement that can be controlled by radio control or push-button. This year, thanks to the great expertise of our in-house design team, we developed APRO, our 100% made-in-Italy Windows Automation System , designed and manufactured entirely at Master’s Apulian factory in Conversano 


In the coming months we will release the first line of automation solutions designed to meet the needs of the residential and non-residential market: – in the first case with a handling system managed by a dedicated APP for tablets and smartphones, which can be interfaced with the most popular voice assistants; – in the second case through the support of a professional gateway that allows integration with the main Building Management Systems on the market. 

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