Facciata Empire con movimentazione Master Italy

Empire, the Master Italy accessories program dedicated to curtain wall profiles, expands with a new two-way moving system

Master Italy further develops the Empire line, the accessories program dedicated to curtain wall profiles and, in general, to bottom hung and top hung openings, introducing a new two-way moving system. 


As an alternative to the classic cremone bolt with crank handle, the new two-way moving system, designed by MasteLAB designers, allows using the handle within the different design lines available.


This solution boasts, among its numerous strengths, an extraordinary speed and simplicity of installation. In fact, the moving system is fixed inside the profile by means of preassembled cams made of stainless steel.


Subsequently, the handle can be easily fixed by following the steps specific to the type of handle that you intend to use. Actually, the moving system is compatible with both standard handles with 43 mm centre distance and the minimalist design versions with reduced body of the Master range.


The moving device controls the rods with a two-way stroke of 17 mm, thus actuating the locking elements. The mechanism case and the motion transmission elements are made of stainless steel; the whole mechanism has been designed to guarantee the best mechanical resistance available on the market.

Therefore, this solution reduces installation times and offers greater freedom of choice of the handle type and design. In fact, it is compatible with all Master Italy handle lines: the iconic COMFORT line and the new ITALIA and KARMA lines, in standard versions and crank and minimal handle versions. 


Therefore, the new EMPIRE moving system is definitely a cutting-edge design alternative compared to a classic element such as cremone bolt.

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