Infisso con accessori Topflex di Master Italy

Master Italy introduces TOPFLEX, the accessories system for folding systems with thermal break

Master Italy enriches its range of accessories for folding systems with TOPFLEX, a complete line specifically designed for folding systems made from oversized aluminium profiles, which boasts high thermal performance.

The company has already been active in the market for several years with LIGHTFLEX, the complete system that can be installed on cold profiles.

In 2021, Master completes its Folding Line with TOPFLEX, the range developed to bear the weight of the system and to ensure the sealing performance of thermal break profiles.  The rollers and hinges of the TOPFLEX system are suitable for creating hardware for doors and windows with loads up to 120 kg per leaf/sash, with dimensions that can reach up to 3.50 m high and configurations up to 8 leaves/sashes, 1.20 m wide.




Like the LIGHTFLEX accessories, the TOPFLEX range of accessories is highly versatile, making it possible to create the system with standard, recessed or low threshold.

TOPFLEX and LIGHTFLEX make up the complete Master system that covers any requirements relating to use, including cold and light solutions, both foldable and sliding, with glass or strips, in the LIGHTFLEX version, and solutions for oversized thermal break profiles boasting utmost comfort and performance, in the TOPFLEX version.

The safety features of the system have been carefully considered, given that both LIGHTFLEX and TOPFLEX are suitable for installing locking systems with lock on each leaf/sash.

All accessories are available in oxidized or painted finishes.

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