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Master launches PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER, the project for the organization development focused on people in the industry 4.0

Keep growing and relying on productivity increasing deriving from the industrial automation and the enhancement of the human resources called to manage the company change. This is the focus of the project for the organization development Master is carrying on since the beginning of 2018, showing a continuity with the last years investments for production systems and industrial automation improvement. “Product innovation is our distinctive feature since we first started.” stated Dr. Stefano Cafagna, CFO Master.  “Process innovation had a particular focus in 2013, when we firstly submitted the LEAN Manufacturing. Once optimized productive processes, we started introducing some advanced methods for “lean” production. Two years ago, the evolution took the direction of Industry 4.0, to convert the lean factory into digital factory, adopting digitalized processes. In 2018 this project keeps developing, turning from Industry 4.0 into “Organization 4.0”, which focuses also on people, the real power of changes and ideas realization”. MASTER has developed PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER to achieve these goals. The program aims to the full growth and realization of human resources through confrontation with local academic and scholastic institutions and cultural events on innovation and people centrality in the company.  “We strongly believe that people should be the centre of the new industrial revolution” asserted Annacarla Loperfido, OD Manager of Master group.  “We think that people make difference. Robots will not take the place of people, but they will support them always more. People’s problem-solving capability, management of unexpected problems and ability to adapt to changes, all this distinguish them from the machines.  Skills as speed of learning, flexibility, problem solving and team working will be more and more important, together with the technical expertise we are working to, through training programs and enhancement of human resources. All these activities will focus on the active role of people in the process of change, their involvement and the development of a sense of responsibility with a view to improving human relations, a real driver of confrontation and growth of the new industry 4.0 “.

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