Master partner in the project Egeboyu Istanbul

Master partner in the project Egeboyu Istanbul

Continues Windows of the World, Master’s address book designed to talk about the construction of the most challenging and the most interesting international partnerships, which over the years have allowed the company to contribute to the realization of works of worldwide importance. Certainly we would like to include in the address book the new project of the residential center Egeboyu, which opened in early 2014 a few kilometers from the center of Istanbul, and it is certainly one of the flagship building of Turkey, with its 644 rooms, spread over more than 40,000 square meters for a residential area equipped with all facilities from banks to supermarkets, from fitness centers to offices. Among the guiding principles of its designers, the importance given to design, build in quality with the Mediterranean character that shines through in all of the solutions adopted. Powered by Evìya, a leading company in Turkey in the construction industry, the project involves the use of all the accessories of the series LIGHTFLEX of Master, installed on the shutters with different types of opening depending on the project needs. “It is a project of extraordinary importance for us, because it is carried out in collaboration with an important partner as Evìya, and because the intervention insists on a strategic area for economic development in Turkey such as Istanbul.” Are the words of Albert Ryzhkou , export manager of the Master. “The extreme versatility of the line accessories LIGHTFLEX that can be used for hinged opening, sliding and folding, was the critical factor for success of a collaboration that has lasted for several years and we wanted to include in the address book “Windows of the World”, an initiative born to present large projects with accessories Masters in the over 50 countries where there is our brand. “

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