premiazione al Master Day 2018 di Master Italy in provincia di Bari

People at the centre of innovation processes, in MasterDay 2018.

Master Italy is increasingly a human oriented 4.0 factory, where what changes more than technology are organizational models which provide both an active and proactive role of people.

MasterDay 2018 focused on this subject matter, the usual pre-Christmas meeting of the Master team which this year was held on Friday 21 December 2018 in the prestigious location of the Relais Il Santissimo in the south east of the Province of Bari.

“Greater creativity, involvement and responsibility are the values that will put our people more and more at the centre of all innovation processes. We believe in a business culture which stimulates experimentation, the prototyping of ideas, intelligent mistakes”,were the opening words of the general director Michele Loperfido who, together with the co-director Celeste Vitte, presented to over 300 members of the Master Group the positive results of the 2018 management in terms of turnover, growth in foreign markets, productivity and customer service quality improvement.

“If 2018 was the year in which we reaffirmed the primary value of people in business processes, and the importance of using technology as a tool to free them from the less rewarding work tasks, in 2019 we will launch a path in which to echo the importance of innovation driven by peoplecontinued Dr. Vitte. People Make Innovation will be the theme that will guide every path regarding innovation and continuous improvement in the company, because we strongly believe that people will increasingly be at the centre of the factory of the future, both as a creative force for change and as main actors in the realization of ideas”. Alberto Mattiello, Future Thinking Project of J Walter Thompson, spoke about this topic and told the Master audience about new trends,  and the future of the work. The evening continued with the presentation of the results of the 2018 programme, People Have the Power, which during the year brought about an increase in skills acquisition with a consequent significant increase in hours of internal and on-the-job training; the increase of internal welfare programmes with scholarships for the most deserving children; sports tournaments and the launch of cultural and meeting initiatives such as the AperitifLab and the Master library. 2018 also saw the celebration of the results achieved in the various sectors in the company, the award ceremony of the teams involved in improvement, the realization of the People on The Wallproject with giant prints of the people in the Master group displayed on the company’s buildings.

The evening closed with a focus on proposals for improvement, which in 2019 will continue to target the four key strands of process, organizational, digital and product innovation. “Among the tools employed in order to face the continuous challenge of growth and innovation are the proposals for improvement which have also been rewarded in MasterDay2018”, are the words of Dr.Annacarla Loperfido, Organization Development Manager. “Each operator is at the centre of processes and will increasingly be the main actor and promoter of continuous improvement for a real innovative push from the bottom, which today has led to about 600 ideas by two thirds of operators and the realization of almost all of them. Our vision is that only a collaborative approach, based on appropriate initiatives, projects, skills and tools, can give a significant response to the evolution required by companies from the international markets. Collaboration, passion, creativity, openness, flexibility, speed of learning, communication, relationship, trust and motivation are the cornerstones on which Master Groupintends to build the foundations of innovation, the true key to success for companies of the future “ .

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