Safety and performance enhancement for the complete program of locking

Safety and performance enhancement for the complete program of locking overriders made by Master

The development of anti-burglary solutions designed to improve the sealing performance of door and window frames, is one of the targets of the engineers working at MasterLab, the research centre within which operates Master Group testing laboratory. To this end, the company has already launched on the market HOOK (Art. 4226.X) the additional anti-lift locking override for casement frames, designed to boast simplicity, reduced installation time,  aesthetic qualities, and compact size. Actually, HOOK features a virtually invisible locking point applicable to the frame already installed and, thanks to its adjustment system, it improves the sealing of gaskets.

Today, Master Italy completes the range of locking overrides with two new solutions that extend the applicability also to door and tilt and turn product range, as well as to curtain walls and folding systems.

The first, the override art. 4228 is dedicated to door profiles, ideal for the passive sash on the tilt and turn systems, and consists of a pin in stainless steel AISI 303 that, during sash closing movement, perfectly threads into the special slot of the frame. This accessory guarantees the system the important anti-lift function and contributes to the awarding of the RC2 certification for 2 sash frames. Easy installation and universal applicability (on eurogroove frames, R chamber and door series) complete the features of an important product that meets the ever-growing market demand for improved safety performance.

Curtain walls and folding systems made by Master Italy are equipped with the override art. 4227, which is a system made with an insert and a zama punch that perfectly match when the sashes are in the closing position, ensuring, once again, an anti-lifting function. In addition to improving security, this override that can be applied to eurogroove chamber profiles, R chamber, curtain walls and folding openings, is very useful in the presence of large mirrors since it acts as an additional lock, greatly increasing system performance in terms of tightness and durability.

With the override program, Master Italy, offers a truly complete solution to security and performance demands, covering many types of opening systems installed on all popular systems available on the market.

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