Team centrality and continuous innovation leitmotif of the Master Day

Team centrality and continuous innovation leitmotif of the Master Day 2019

None of us is as smart as all of us” It is one of the best-known quotes of Ken Blanchard, who emphasizes the importance of teamwork especially after the arrival of new enabling technologies in the Industry 4.0. IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing have highlighted the need for companies to think about “interconnected systems” and “interconnected working groups” that aremore effective at developing coordinated teamwork, given the immediate availability of data and information that can support them in building reliable solutions.

These strategic topics for the future of the company were covered last December 20th, the 2019 edition of the Master Day took place, an end-of-year event that the Master Group holds to take stock of the goals achieved and present the future projects and activities. An enchanting typical Puglia farm, just a few steps from the seaside city of Monopoli, was host to an open meeting about the ever-changing global market, in which the centrality of the team has become increasingly strategic to deal with the continuous changing scenarios.

Among the most important moments of the evening was that of the director of operations Celeste Vitte who, after analysing the positive numbers of 2019 in terms of turnover, production efficiency and investments in innovation, recalled the stages of the project of empowerment of human resources of the Master Group.

“We started in 2018 with People Have The Power, the program with which we reaffirmed the strategic importance of individual talent and skills in the evolved and interconnected company of Industry 4.0. In 2019, we successfully developed People Make Innovation, the campaign that has guided every path of improvement, with important projects in the direction of process, product, organizational and digital innovation.  And precisely this strong propensity for innovation and experimentation of new technologies and new business models, prompted us to launch Need Next Hackathon, the first Italian marathon of innovation that we have carried out in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Bari to develop innovative solutions for the windows of the future.

 In 2020 the focus will be on the centrality of teamwork in the company, with a campaign that we have purposefully called People are Extraordinary Team“.

“We enjoyed another great year of growth together.The secret to Master’s success? Surely our amazing team!” were the words of Master Italy CEO Michele Loperfido. “The added value of a company is the quality of the work of its people. It is the people who live in businesses who can change their fortunes. We must always remember that the solution is not outside our company, but within, and consists in offering our working groups all the skills that enable them to deal with the continuous changes that affect every sector. There is no ready solution to apply, there are attempts to be made, failures to be faced, increasingly challenging tests that only united teams can win. Because we believe in the main rule of innovation: to give people skills and methods that put them in a position to play the game!“.

The meeting continued in its central part with the moment dedicated to the values that have always led the Master Group to work on a future built on reliability and development. In particular, the commitment and dedication of employees who were appointed, following the internal votes carried out during the year, ambassadors of the founding values of the company’s “mission” such as innovation and improvement, the quality for customer satisfaction, ethics and sustainable growth, the spirit of collaboration and enthusiasm, enhancement and respect of people, were rewarded.  Subsequently, the protagonists were employees’children within the “Lacatena Scholarships” project. During this second edition, the 16 most deserving students were awarded.

To event was closed by the proposals for improvement, which in 2019 focused on the processes of production efficiency, increase in product quality, safety within the company, and the best team. “Among the tools used in the company to meet the ongoing challenge in terms of growth and innovation will always be the proposals for improvement that we have rewarded in this Master Day 2019, as we always do“, commented Dr. Annacarla Loperfido, Organization Development Manager. “To us, every operator is the main actor of a real innovative push from the bottom, which has led today to hundreds of improvement proposals, almost all developed over time. Our vision is that only a collaborative approach, based on appropriate initiatives, projects, skills and tools, can give a meaningful response to the evolution requested to companies by international markets.”

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