A new range of burglary-resistant systems

A new range of burglary-resistant systems

The improvement in quality of the security standards is one of the most discussed subjects among the producers of hardware for windows and doors, both in Italy and abroad.In order to reach this aim, Master presented the new range of burglary-resistant accessories for systems with rod control for Euro Groove, RC2 burglary-resistant level certified, according to EN1627/28/29/30 standards.The range includes n.5 items, available separately or in a kit (A3400.52- img. n.1), composed by: – 6 closing points with “T” pin and antilift-off hook (A4247.1) – 6 covering elements for clasping rod, that avoid the rod release from the rod end and from the corner return ( A4247.11) – 1 antilift-off vertical block (art. A4247.12) and 1 antilift-off horizontal block (art. A4247.13), that avoid the vertical or horizontal movement of the rod in case of burglary attempt.These items are suitable for WEEN Tilt and Turn systems (art 3420.x and art. 3450.x) and for opposite clasping arms (art. 3400A.22 and A3400.20) ,that avoid the rod release in case of burglary attempt.It is possible to match the items depending on the demand and according to the dimension of the window, as showed in the configuration diagram ( img n. 2).Master burglary-resistant range makes the difference for its choice of materials, stainless steel and zamak above all, that provide the best performance in durability and during the years.

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