BING, Master two-ways mechanism becomes universal.

BING, Master two-ways mechanism becomes universal.

Starting from today, thanks to BING, the new bi-directional mechanism, suitable for both internal and external casement opening, it will be possible to use Master design window handles on any type of fixture. Its great versatility of use allows you to universally apply the window handle and double handle, ensuring a uniform design for all the home fixtures. The accessory has a 15 to 35 mm adjustable size, thanks to a new spring system with reference guides and to the kinematic return movement of the handle (patented), which also allow the installation of enlarged or thermal break profiles.An outer cover on the drag levers guarantees high safety levels and a greater cleaning of the fixture.BING is available for both R40 profiles and for Euro groove, and represents the solution to apply to all types of openness, Master “Italia” handles and “Comfort” handles also in the new smaller version Comfort Mini (art.3075).

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