Easy Rapid

The accessories market is always more oriented to products and solutions that combine use versatility and fast assembly. MasterLAB, the research and development area of Master, continues to work together with doors and windows producers, and after almost one year of projecting and testing, has presented Easy Rapid, stay arm for outward, casement and bottom hung opening windows, created for to reduce the assembly time. This new hinge can be applied directly on the profile by using self-drilling screws and adjustment cams. The hinge can directly slide into the sash, then it can be blocked by cams, from both frame and sash side. It can be used instead of the traditional hinges for outward and bottom hung windows. Easy Rapid, thanks to the brass friction, permits the sash opening adjustment up to 90°, making easier glass cleaning, but also provides a limit hole that stops it about at 45°opening. Easy Rapid has 30 kg load capacity, instead of 15 kg of the traditional hinges for bottom hung opening. All elements are made of a-magnetic stainless steel and the end guides are made of self-lubricating plastic material, for a softer closure. This accessory has successfully passed 25.000 cycles in the durability test. Easy Rapid is really an universal solution for all opening typologies.

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