trattamento antibatterico Mastershield di Master Italy

Master Italy enriches its range of special finishes for handles, window handles and cremone bolts, by adding the MASTERShield® antimicrobial surface treatment

Covid-19 pandemic has contributed greatly to raising awareness of the best practices for continuous disinfection of surfaces that we touch with our hands. In order to meet this requirement, Master Group, a leader in manufacturing and marketing of aluminium accessories for windows and doors, implemented on handles, window handles and cremone bolts, a solution that provides active protection precisely where it is most demanded.



This is how MASTERShield® was created, a treatment that uses a technology based on the emission of silver ions to provide handle coatings greater resistance against proliferation of microorganisms. MASTERShield® immediately mitigates microbial proliferation and is particularly suitable in hospitals, schools, industrial or recreational facilities. Its effectiveness has been tested following JIS Z 2801:2000, a standard Japanese methodology in which the coating is subjected to an attack of a colony of microorganisms previously selected and numerically identified. After 24 hours of exposure, a new count of microorganisms still present is carried out to assess the effectiveness of the coating. The antibacterial activity of the treatment is activated gradually, and becomes stable after 24 hours, when the reduction in microorganism count is of 99 -100%.




The advantages of MASTERShield® are not limited to the antibacterial action:
when applied to the surface of accessories already treated with paints and finishes, even special ones, it improves the protection rating of the product substrate, providing greater resistance to weathering and enhanced aesthetic impact in terms of colour, brightness, and structure.



Main RAL and special finishes are among those immediately available with MASTERShield®, while for all the other finishes, the treatment will be available on demand. Antibacterial action, increased corrosion resistance and improved appearance: the MASTERShield® treatment represents only the first step of a larger project of Master group, which aims to further expand the range of finishes of handles, window handles, and cremone bolts of Minimal Design Program, Italia Program Line and Comfort Program with new colours, in both standard and antibacterial paint versions.

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