Master presents NEW BIG, the hinge for heavy door

Master presents NEW BIG, the hinge for heavy door

Created to combine strength and ease of assembly, NEW BIG is the new version of the historic Big hinge from Master, designed to make it even easier to install a door.The NEW BIG has a capacity of up to 120 kg and improves the height adjustment possibilities thanks to the inclusion of a convenient adjustment screw integrated with the rotation pin, which allows you to adjust the frame simply by using a hexagonal key, without having to lift the door. With NEW BIG, it is possible to use the same fixing kit as the DINAMIKA (the hinge for doors with a capacity of up to 200 Kg), thereby reducing the stock items and optimizing inventory management.This optimization allows you to have two types of door hinges available: New Big and Dinamika which share the same fixing kit, covering all the needs of the frame manufacturer and ensuring in both cases products that are designed and certified for public use applications.The item is available in all finishes (including oxidized) with crankcase is made of both zinc alloy (items A8000C – A8001C – A8002C – A8003C – A8004C) and extruded aluminium (items A8000D – A8001D – A8002D – A8003D – A8004D).Solid and versatile, easy to assemble and adjust: these are the characteristics that will make the NEW BIG a big hit in 2015.

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