Master presents Ween Hide 180, the invisible evolution

Master presents Ween Hide 180, the invisible evolution

The Master Group opens 2022 by launching the NEW WEEN HIDE 180. This is the most advanced and high-performance version of the WEEN series with concealed hinges and opening up to 180°. The NEW WEEN HIDE 180 is made up of different elements suitable for making any type of opening: from tilt & turn to casement and bottom hung systems. The whole system is designed to meet the basic requirements of the modern aluminium window and door hardware market, such as reliability and durability.


WEEN HIDE 180 is designed for European chamber systems and the new concealed hinges are made with 304 Stainless Steel levers and total black galvanised components, guaranteeing very high corrosion resistance (class 4), as well as durability. The system for casement and tilt & turn opening has a load-bearing capacity of 130 kg with 180° opening and 150 kg, used with the sash support (to limit the opening), and 200 kg for bottom hung opening systems.


WEEN HIDE 180 has been tested with maximum opening and load-bearing capacity in MasterLAB ‘s laboratories on all types and sizes of window and door frames to guarantee perfect operation even on balcony doors and windows.


One of the strengths of the HIDE 180 is its simple and fast assembly, a common feature of the WEEN PROGRAM accessories.




The quick coupling installation system, with independent top and bottom hinges, ensure utmost efficiency in sash and frame production, and all components can be easily installed with dowels, cams and snap-on clips. All installation steps of the new WEEN HIDE 180 is presented in detail on MasterTube, the company’s YouTube channel dedicated to product video tutorials.


All adjustments are also easy and straightforward, using just one 3mm Allen key. The lower hinges can be adjusted, i.e. the gap by -1/+2.5 mm and the height by +2 mm, and the arms of the upper hinges can also be adjusted, i.e. pressure by +1/-1 mm and gap by +4 mm. In addition, the hinges are equipped with a protective override to ensure perfect coplanarity between the hinges.


The NEW WEEN HIDE 180 promotes the concept of modular design of the WEEN PROGRAM: it is possible to purchase locking kits and hinges separately, and the latter can be packaged as a kit (hinge group for right or left-hand opening) or individually (top hinge and bottom hinge).


The quality of the materials used, the perfect adaptability, the ease of assembly and adjustment of the NEW WEEN HIDE 180 are undoubtedly the added values of a line that evolves and extends the universal character of Master’s WEEN PROGRAMME, projecting it into the future of accessories dedicated to all types of openings.

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