Master presents WiSlide new version: the automation system for sliding

Master presents WiSlide new version: the automation system for sliding windows becomes even more powerful and simple to install.

Automation, performance and high safety standards are the three fundamental characteristics of the window of the future. For this reason already some years ago Master has introduced WiCloud, Cloud and WiSlide lines in its range dedicated to home automation systems. Now the company continues to invest in the world of automation by launching the new version of WiSlide 500 (Art. 1122.5) with a control unit completely updated in terms of aesthetics and functionality. WiSlide 500 is an embedded automation system, therefore completely concealed, for sliding windows with a capacity up to 500 kg with control unit and drive motor. The new control unit of the system, compared to the previous version, has a size reduced up 50% for a better aesthetic impact. With the new control panel it is possible to program the system in a few minutes by a dip-switch without needing to connect external devices and dedicated software. Force, sliding speed and deceleration speed can be adjusted by means of special trimmers, to avoid violent impacts between leaf and frame during closing and always guarantee maximum safety in the case of unforeseen obstacles along the leaf run. The new control unit is also equipped with an integrated radio module compatible with Master Art.1121.50 radio remote controls and is universal, as it manages both the right and left openings by reversing the engine power cables. In the case of very heavy leaves or situations with particular friction, the system is able to be installed in the configuration with two engines, one to support the other, instead of the classic motor-pulley configuration. The new control unit, moreover, is able to manage various systems of electro-mechanical or electro-magnetic closures of normally closed type. WiSlide 500 with this upgrade is at the top of the category, in terms of performance, functionality and ease of installation.

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