profilo della Britam Tower di Nairobi

The Britam Tower in Nairobi, great international project made with Master Italy accessories.

The international vision and the constant search for new markets represent the driving force of Master Italy growth worldwide, through products appreciated for their quality and design.

Among the last great works made with Master accessories, the Britam Tower in Nairobi, a 31-storey office tower, over 200-meter high, stands out as the largest skyscraper in Kenya, and one of the most impressive in Africa. The customer’s goal was to create a sustainable building that would stand the “Test of Time”, with components and accessories assessed with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a method that estimates the set of interactions that a product has with the environment throughout its entire life cycle, that helps earn credits for LEED standard, as is the case for the tilt&turn systems made by Master.

Atkins, the company that built it, has used the EMPIRE line of accessories made by Master Italy for the curtain walls, but also DINAMIKA, the door hinge line that is safe and easy to install, and WEEN, the complete and modular program for tilt&turn systems.

We are proud to have contributed to the success of this great international project”are the words of Ayman AdeebGulf Sales Manager. “The architects who worked on this project wanted to create an office building that is both sturdy and sustainable. To this end, the executive design of the skyscraper included the use of Master Italy accessories, created and developed to meet the criteria of sustainable quality and beautiful design that, today, every major international project must be able to incorporate”.

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