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Delivery and shipping

In Master, there is a 95% service level guaranteed by trade agreements that regulate the management of stocks and setting of customer order dates.

Items representing 80% of market demand are managed as a stock and a delivery time of up to 5 working days is guaranteed within a limit order quantity. The limit quantity that can be ordered for each item depends on the average order demanded by the market and the sales frequencies. In cases in which the order exceeds the limit quantity, the delivery time is dependent upon the production process (on average 15 working days).

For the remaining items not managed by stock, Master guarantees a delivery date based on the customer’s specific need related to the production lead time.

Whether the customer finds anomalies (damaged boxes, missing packages, etc.) occurred during transportation from MasterItaly’s warehouse to customer’s warehouse, he/she can contest them to MasterItaly only in case he/she has affixed a written reservation on the corresponding delivery note.


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