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Product warranty

All the Products are guaranteed in accordance with laws about defects in materials and manufacturing.
MASTER guarantees that the Products comply with the highest quality standards, free from defects in materials and manufacturing and in accordance with the provided technical specifications. The Products are covered by guarantee, provided that they are installed and maintained in accordance with the technical provisions for the product use that are indicated in this Catalogue, in the instructions included in the package, on the company website www. masteritaly.com. However, the instructions can be requested to Master Technical Customer Service (email address infotech@masteritaly.com; phone number +39 080 4959823). The guarantee shall not apply in case of any kind of alteration of the Products.

  1. ACCESSORIES FOR OPENING INTERNAL PANELS, EXTERNAL PANELS, TILT AND TURN WINDOWS, OPENING AND PROTRUDING WINDOW PANESaccessories for panels and windowsDefinizione: MASTER accessories for opening panels and tilt and turn windows allow for opening windows and doors, both towards the indoors and the outside. These accessories are normally operated by a hand lever (handle), in order to guarantee a limited opening or inclination (tilt and turn, protruding) of balcony windows and doors.
    Applicazione: MASTER accessories for opening internal panels, external panels, tilt and turn windows, opening and protruding window panes, are mainly used on aluminium windows and doors. Specifically, the tilt and turn mechanism according to this definition, is used to block balcony doors and windows, allowing for various ventilation positions.
  2. ACCESSORIES FOR SLIDING OPENINGS, SLIDING WINDOWS, PARALLEL SLIDING AND VERANDASaccessories for sliding windowsDefinizione: MASTER accessories for sliding openings allow for opening windows and doors by sliding in parallel to the fixing level. These accessories are normally operated by a hand lever (handle), in order to guarantee opening and sliding of balcony windows and doors.
    Applicazione: MASTER sliding accessories are mainly used for aluminum windows and doors. The sliding accessories are normally made up of a closure mechanism for closing the moving panel, as well as two rollers situated on the lower and/or upper horizontal traverse for movement of the panel.
    All situations differing from paragrapher “information on products and designed applications”  are considered to be non-conforming applications for which MASTER declines all responsibility
    The doors and windows in the opening position, as well as unblocked balcony doors or those in positions of ventilation, furnish only one shielding function and do not satisfy any requirement for impermeability, water sealing, soundproofing, thermal insulation or resistance against break-ins. In the case of wind or draughts, the windows and doors may be closed and blocked. In the presence of air currents, if a balcony window or door is in an open position, it may slam shut in an uncontrolled anner due to the air pressure or current. A static opening position of balcony windows and doors may only be achieved through the use of additional hardware.  resistance against the wind in the closure phase of the fitting depends on the type of system of the balcony windows and doors.
    Anti-intrusion balcony windows and doors, balcony windows and doors installed in humid environments and in environments with aggressive and corrosive agents, require suitable fittings for the type of application and the appropriate performance characteristics for those environments. Depending on the external temperature, relative humidity of air in the environment, as well as the applied position of the sliding element, temporary formations of condensation on the internal aluminum runners may be formed. This is experienced particularly when the circulation of air is obstructed. For example, due to the presence of curtains, or in the event of  unfavorable positioning of radiators, etc. Generally speaking, the hardware defined at paragrapher “information on products and designed applications” satisfy the requirements for dwellings devoid of architectural barriers.

informations accessories for windows

Misuse or, in other words, use of the product not as specified, in regard to the balcony door and window fittings as described in “information on products and designed applications” paragrapher , would in particular be:

  • If there are obstacles to the opening and closing trajectory which impede free movement;
  • if loads are added to the balcony window or door structure;
  •  if the balcony window or door is left free to move in an uncontrolled manner (e.g. by the wind) so that the accessories and/or frame materials and/or other individual components are damaged and/or destroyed, causing consequential damage;
  • if, during closure (or sliding), a person of body part interposes between the frame and the panel during opening and closing phases, causing accidental damage, potential injury or falls.

The fixings system as described in “information on products and designed applications” paragraph may only be made up of MASTER components. In the event of combinations not authorised by MASTER and/or of accessories assembled in an inappropriate manner and/or use of non-original and/or not approved accessories, the MASTER company declines all responsibility. In relation to the responsibilities regarding resistance to corrosion, reference is made to the appropriate section.

  1. Loads
    Exceeding the maximum loads indicated for each product is not permitted. The maximum load is determined by the construction component with the least load capacity. The application outlines and component classification must be complied with, while keeping informed of any updates on the product specifications issued by MASTER.
  2. Dimenson of teh casing
    The application outline descriptions contained in the technical documentation, in the product catalogues or in the assembly instructions indicate the relationship between the widths and heights according to the different weight and/or thickness of the glass. Under no circumstances may the window dimensions and the relationship between width/height, or the maximum load of the panel, be exceeded.
  3. Combination Hardware
    The manufacturer’s rules regarding the combination of accessories must always be complied with (for example, the application of supplementary arms, burglar proof systems designed for balcony windows and doors, etc.).

To guarantee safety, the hardware components, must be the subject of maintenance at least once per year to check for stability and wear. According to requirements,
the fixing screws must be tightened and/or a number of parts must be adjusted. In addition, the following maintenance operations must be carried out at least once per year:

  • All hardware moving parts and blocking points must be lubricated
  • Do not use aggressive detergents, alcohol or other chemical products which might corrode the surfaces during cleaning, and which might damage the anti- corrosion protection of the hardware components;
  • The hardware adjustment work, as well as any substitution of parts must be carried out by a specialized company;
    Electrolytically applied zinc coatings are not subject to attack in a room under normal climatic conditions, as long as condensation is not formed on the hardware,
    or if it is dried rapidly. In order permanently to preserve the quality of the hardware surface, and to avoid deterioration through corrosion, the following points must be complied with:

    • The attachment and/or sliding areas must be sufficiently ventilated, in particular during the construction phase, in order to avoid their being exposed to direct humidity or condensation. In all cases, measures should be adopted to avoid humidity condensing permanently in the sliding areas.
    • The hardware must be kept devoid of deposits and dirt from construction materials (powders, plaster, cement, etc.). Any residues of plaster, mortar or similar materials, must be removed with water and then dried.
    • Aggressive vapours (for example, formic or acetic acids, ammonia, amines, aldehydes, phenols, chlorides, tannic acid, etc.) in connection with small formations of condensation, which might provoke rapid corrosion of the fixings. For this reason, the evaporation of these substances in the vicinity of these windows must absolutely be avoided.
    • Furthermore, acid or acetic acid sealing compounds, or those with the above-mentioned contents may not be used, given that both direct contact with the sealing compound or with its vapour may attack the surface of the fittings.
    • The fittings may only be cleaned with gentle detergents with a neutral pH, in diluted form. Under no circumstances may aggressive detergents be used, nor acids or abrasive detergents whose contents include those listed in the preceding paragraph.
    • This Guarantee is not applicable in the event of defects occasioned following damage by fire or other accidental events, the use of abrasive brushes and/ or products, incorrect installation, acts of vandalism and, in any case, incorrect use.
    • With reference to part completed and/or unpainted products, MASTER declines any responsibility for any anomalies which should occur following production and/or modification processes on the product itself, carried out by third parties after consignment by MASTER.

The following documentation must be forwarded to retailers, intermediaries, builders and end users

  • Technical documentation
  • Product catalogues
  • Assembly instructions
  • User and maintenance manuals

Ensuring that what is forwarded has been updated to the latest company amendment.

The whole of this material, or parts of it (should a few information sheets not be available) will be called, in brief, “information on the product”.
In order to preserve the relevant functions of the balcony windows and doors:

  • Engineers and designers are required to request and comply with the “information on the product” from the manufacturers or authorized dealers
  • Specialist retailers are required to respect the manufacturers’ “information on the product” and, in particular, to forward it to dealers and/or subsequent manufacturers, and to notify them that they are obliged to forward them to their clients.
  • Manufacturers of windows and doors are required to observe the “information on the product” and in particular to forward the maintenance instructions
    and operational manuals to the builders and the end users.

The possible variations within individual items of hardware must be treated on the basis of the specific characteristics contained in the “information on the product”, the foreseen application, improper use, the product performance, of the product maintenance, of the information and instruction obligations.

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