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General Sales Conditions

The sale of Master Italy Srl products (hereinafter “Products”) shall be governed by the following General Sale Conditions (hereinafter “Conditions”) and the customer accept them by confirming the order. Such Conditions regulate the contractual relationship between Master Italy Srl (hereinafter “MASTER”) and the Customer. Any modification, addition or derogation shall be valid only if MASTER has accepted it in writing.

Purchase orders must be sent in writing. The sale can be considered concluded once MASTER confirms in writing the order received from the Customer. The delivery time is calculated in business days and starts from the date of acceptance of the order by MASTER, provided that MASTER has already all the necessary details to properly process the sale. The delivery time and the consequent transfer of risk are those indicated in the proforma or established by another written agreement by the parties, except for any delays due to force majeure. No delay shall be a reason to cancel the order or to claim damages or loss profit. In addition, the Products may not be rejected for such reason. For orders amount less than 1.000 Euros (excluding VAT), transport costs will always be charged to the Customer. MASTER reserves the right to deliver the order even through partial deliveries, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

The price of products contained in the price list is expressed in Euros, Ex VAT, and refer to a number of items of no less than the contents of the package. The price of products is to be considered as ex works (Incoterms 2010) at the MASTER warehouses. Costs for taxes, stamp duty, customs, port and any other costs are excluded. Payments must be made to the MASTER company address. The payment terms indicated on the order confirmation having expired, interest will be due on the sums owing, calculated on the basis of that set out in Legislative Decree No 231/2002 as subsequently amended. The consignment terms are intended as indicative and are not binding.

Should the Customer, after receiving Products, notice a non-compliance, he shall communicate any claims for faults or apparent defects in writing to MASTER within 8 (eight) days from the date he found out the defect. The defective Products shall be send back to MASTER, along with the proof of purchase (invoice and/or document of transport). MASTER, following the received complaint, reserves the right to make its own assessment on the basis of the samples provided and of an inspection, if necessary. In case the defect has actually been ascertained, any defective item will be replaced at charge of MASTER. No agent and/or distributor and/or any other person of MASTER are authorized to give further guarantees other than those provided for in these Conditions. In any case, the liability of MASTER and the liability of its agents and/or distributors and/or other third party, should not exceed the sale price of the Product. This does not include the expenses related to the removal and/or replacement of the claimed Product.

MASTER reserves the right to change without notice the characteristics of the items in the Catalogue, in order to adapt them to technical and/or commercial needs. Any use of trademarks and/or other distinctive signs property of third parties in the Catalogue or in the Price List meets the purpose of indicate the destination of the Products pursuant to article 21 paragraph 1 of the Legislative Decree No. 30/2005.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing between parties, the sale of the Products between MASTER and the Customer is governed by Italian Law. The Court of Bari shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes that may arise.

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